BorisAn attorney, turned serial entrepreneur. Boris emigrated from Moscow, Russia at the tender age of 10 and moved with his family to Minneapolis, MN. Leveraging college as a means to escape the cold, he attended the Claremont McKenna College in California, majoring in psychology and literature. His interests then took a more practical turn, sending him across the country to the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, where he experienced one of the world’s most metropolitan cities.

Boris took advantage of several opportunities in the international legal arena: he worked for MBR Rechtsanwälte Attorneys in Zurich, Switzerland, where he focused on various wealth management strategies, primarily based on creation of offshore trusts; completed a seminar program at Oxford University in England on Corporate Governance; and spent time in Rome, Italy, where he particularly enjoyed familiarizing himself with International Arbitration.

Starting with what he knew best, Boris founded his law firm only a year after graduation and has since founded and invested in other ventures, ranging from tactical laser-tag, to more traditional tech startups like Seedstages – platform for connecting student entrepreneurs with one another and investors.