Frank Neumann, Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Frank150 Frank Neumann joined Founders Space as a mentor. He is a German automotive engineer and former founder of MoviTrack in South America. With a passion for the human factor, pioneering technologies and futuristic ideas, he is focused on brilliant new projects and coaching intercultural fast growing companies and ambitious minds.

Born in 1962 in the American sector of divided Berlin, he studied and lived half of his life in Germany, when moving in 1990 to Brazil and finally Argentine, where he founded together with his wife in 1994 the MoviTrack company – a life dream became true!

Based on his experience working before in Mercedes Benz, he designed and let custom built the trucks for his own company, unique in their way and making the big difference. The same time he built up a great team of 50 people and dedicated service concept, leading his company to be influencer in local tourism industry and an outstanding international brand with high market value.

As life is meant to be “more than this”, he sold his company successfully in 2008, dedicating his time to family (wife & 2 kids) and to build his own future as an visionary coach / sparring partner for one of a kind companies like AMPELMANN.

In between dealing with commercial drones, real estate developments and managing exclusive touristic projects his expertise is seen as an “lateral thinker” and “generalist”, who knows how to apply great creativity for matching private issues with professional ones to optimising the “work life balance” in its whole. His point of view is, that time has come to be more human / more creative than ever to face “human race vs. robotics”.

Since 2016 he’s investing in his own start up project, “Uber style” Virtual Travelling App. After two startup experiences, he is now ready to build a team for the 3rd prototype – business partners and participants welcome!

As a mentor of Founders Space he is honored to help members of startups through the awesome time of building up not only a “business model” but to match it the best way possible to private aspirations and never losing the vision about “what matters”.

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