Mark has been a Mentor with Founders Space since 2015. Mark mentors start-up companies at all levels – from inception to market, and beyond. Mark has met with hundreds of companies during the past five years – helping them prepare pitches and presentations; with understanding the opportunity in respective markets and positioning as such; creating and/or revising targeted plans, providing creative direction/ideas, and much more. If you were to come to one of our mentoring days, you might see teams waiting (sometimes hovering around) to meet with him. On the days Mark is mentoring, it is not unusual for him to spend entire days at Founders Space, having follow up meetings with the companies he had met with prior, that same day. For the companies he has felt were/are on the right track i.e. product/service, team, structure, culture, maturity, passion, etc., he has agreed to join on respective advisory boards. When Mark joins a company as an advisor/mentor, he provides a valuable insight that can help take that company to a new level.

Mark’s entrepreneurial experience extends over 20 years – from Founder to advisory positions, and everything in between. His focus is primarily on consumer related products and services. He has served as Founder/CEO, General Manager, Business Development Head; VP Sales & Marketing; Creative Director, COO, etc. in ventures relating to sports programming, video/streaming technology and content, sports nutrition, events, entertainment, app technology, efficiency products and services, and toys & games. Prior to engaging as an entrepreneur, Mark was an advertising agency executive and manager. He is currently working in financial services as a financial advisor.

Education: Mark is a graduate of UCLA, where he received his BA in Economics.