Martyn Crew, CEO of Bootstrap Marketing

Martyn CrewIn sales leadership roles with companies like Asera, Cast Iron, and CrossWorlds, Martyn was often frustrated by marketing’s inability to deliver content that met sales’ and customer needs. That’s why he founded Bootstrap and his pragmatic, get-it-done attitude has struck a chord with enterprise execs, startup founders and investors alike.

Bootstrap works with industry leaders like SAP, high-growth companies like Pentaho and start-ups like Yeti Data to help them position their solutions by developing content and campaigns that help them get to market fast and stay ahead of their competition.

As a company, Bootstrap is a group of experienced professionals that blends highly quality content development with the latest demand generation, web and digital marketing techniques to develop effective positioning, messaging and campaigns for our customers.

As a concept, Bootstrap is simple. We bring the focus, flexibility and urgency of a start-up to your marketing no matter what stage of life you’re at. We can do this because we’re start-up people and we know how much can be achieved by a savvy and motivated team.

– Go-to-market strategy, planning and execution.
– Research including competitive analysis and TCO modeling.
– Positioning, messaging and value proposition development.
– Content development for web and print.
– White board / explainer videos

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  1. Mona Katzman says:

    Your company sounds extremely cutting edge and creative! I would like to speak with you and see if we can collaborate on your printing/branding projects. I started a company with my husband over 20 years ago and have vastt experience in the design and print world. We can assist you with unique products, both in print and promotional items. Please view our website at to see what we’re all about! If you feel we could be of assistance, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to speaking with you! Mona Katzman, founder of Action Ink Corporation

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