Monica Pal, CMO of Areospike

Monica PalMonica has over two decades of experience in engineering & technology marketing in communications and collaboration, security and middleware at big companies, startups and open source companies.

‘I’m a builder. I love taking the pieces, raw assets and integrating them to make something bigger and better. The basis of everything I know about marketing, I learned in design 101. Good design principles are the same whether you are working with code or words or assets, to build software, a brand or a business.’

‘I was an engineer for ten years, starting in Apple’s pioneering collaboration products team where we shipped the first unified messaging and secure email system. I loved the customer focus and strong sense of design there – clean, elegant, consistent across all products. Then I caught the startup bug.’

At enCommerce, a web security startup, Monica was in charge of product and corporate marketing from early days to a successful acquisition by Entrust, where she ran corporate communications. Next, she co-founded LignUp, a voice-over-IP app server company, ran marketing and oversaw engineering. Then I worked with a variety of startups, helping to identify and articulate the business opportunity and setting up marketing infrastructure.’ At AlienVault, Monica built the marketing machine and re-launched the company in the US and Europe.

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