Mukul Agarwal of Bootup Ventures

Mukul Agarwal is a managing partner at Bootup Ventures. He’s a passionate entrepreneur and technologist who believes in applying technology and common sense to simplify, streamline and scale businesses and people’s lives.

He has a deep insight into problems facing young companies who want to go global. Having built a successful BPO business from ground up, he understands the operational/cultural/technological/growth challenges that startups face.

Helping foreign companies mitigate above issues by providing them with an ecosystem to penetrate global markets is what has prompted him to start Bootup Ventures.

In the last 10 years as an HIT architect/expert, he has come up with customized IT solutions to help healthcare professionals stay on the cutting edge of technology while keeping their costs in line. This led him to start AceInfosys, Smbforce, Surgery center coding, Mdcovered to focus on different aspects of Healthcare.

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  1. Dear Mukul
    I am watching you judge the pitch competition. We have developed delivered virtual reality and augmented reality solutions. The purpose is enhancing ..accelerating customer much and more to get the buy in..acceptance and better experience

    Industries presently focused. Real estate, interiors, hospitality
    Product range : app developing virtual augmented reality real estate visualisation from basic layouts
    Retail 3d cataloging
    Customer range .. B2b. .commercial residemtial real estate,
    Industry 19 billion usd and growing at 30%
    RoI over 100% in 12 months
    3 million is year 18 months and 15 million in 3 years and 40 million in 5 years
    Seeking investment of 1 m usd
    Seeking a wild card entry at gitex pitch competition..
    055 4775776

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