Murray Newlands, Marketing Maven

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is a mentor and advisor at Founders Space. He’s an Internet marketing expert, prolific blogger, advisor, teacher, and author with years of experience and demonstrated expertise in the Internet marketing industry.

Murray runs, is a Deputy Editor of Search Engine Journal, US correspondent for YourStory, and an advisor to a number of Bay Area startups including VigLink.

Murray has also written two books, “Online Marketing: A User’s Manual,” and “Performance Marketing for Professionals,” both of which received critical acclaim for their detailed introductions and expert Internet marketing advice.

Murray is an expert in social media marketing, online marketing strategy, content marketing, blogging, video blogging, blogging outreach, email marketing, and link building/link development/search engine optimization fields.

A former lawyer, Murray Newlands started online marketing in 1999 and has worked with some of the industry’s leading agencies, advertisers and networks since then.

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