Ryan Erving, Consultant & Mentor

Ryan ErvingRyan Erving is Founding Principal at Ryan Erving Consulting, a strategic growth and implementation company. His expertise is in guiding startups through the process of building their teams, from pre-seed through funded series rounds.

Ryan founded Ryan Erving Consulting after over two decades of industry experience in sales, business development, staffing and recruiting. Over the years he has leveraged his MBA and B.S. in Organizational Development to guide dozens of startups and many Fortune 500 companies including Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente, Genentech, and Juniper Networks through the process of building high performing teams. While working with startups in the dotcom days Ryan realized that where he really excelled, and was the most excited, was working with smaller companies at the beginning of their journey.

Ryan’s goal in any client engagement is to help them create a realistic road map. This enables them to build the teams they need and achieve their business goals in the time frames they are working with.

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