Shirley Gee, Managing Partner at Angel Plus LLC

GeeShirley Gee is a Mentor at Founders Space and the Managing Partner of Angel Plus LLC.

Shirley has extensive executive-level experience driving increased efficiency and performance across organizational tiers. She has a strong track record of achievements and in building relationships with academic community, executive peers, users, business partners, and external partners both within the United States and internationally.

As an Executive Senior Member and Department Head for Stanford University’s multi-purpose, international research laboratory, she reported to three Directors, in turn, including the Founder, Dr. Wolfgang Panofsky, and the Nobel Laureate Dr. Burton Richtor. She worked “at the pleasure of” the Stanford University President for much of her career and interacted at multiple levels within the $450M research laboratory.

She regularly chaired audit committees to help her management navigate through federal compliance requirements and during her career, she provided technical and specialized guidance to 200+ senior managers and operated at all levels of the organization.

She is currently the Managing Partner at Angel Plus, LCC, a trusted validation firm of latter stage, start-up corporations in anticipation of capitalization. The firm performs deep dive due diligence reviews on emerging corporations including assessments in the following areas: management teams, product, addressable market, financials, capitalization history, manufacturing end, pricing, regulatory needs and timetable, patents, competitors, quality assurance program, risk and mitigation, and exit strategy. Other services include the negotiation of term sheets (between entrepreneur and investors), management of investor pool, follow up raises, and educational workshops, seminars, and lectures in areas of expertise. She is a highly sought out consultant by CEO’s and comes with stellar recommendations from the investor community.

Ms. Gee is an active Accredited Investor; Chair, Life Science Committee; Member of Technology Transfer Committee; and Team Lead for Due Diligence at Keiretsu Forum, an international angel investment organization with 34 chapters throughout the world.. She is a regular Panelist and Guest Speaker on a number of subjects including the due diligence process, capitalizing start-ups, exit strategies, technology transfer, Board service, and strategic planning. She has served on a number of Boards, both in the “for-profit” (pharmaceutical and medical device) and “non-profit” arena. She is also committed to mentoring female CEO’s and working with organizations supporting the advancement of women as CEO’s and Board Members.

As a Serial entrepreneur (e.g., real estate and multi-residential development, retail and service businesses), she has gained expertise in a multitude of business areas and sectors and enjoys working with emerging businesses and start-ups and helping to create a synergistic business climate for entrepreneur and investors alike and improving the eco-system to facilitate innovation. In addition to her career, she has worked as a Community Advocate on a multitude of public policy issues involving federal, state, and local initiatives and which routinely required the participation of congressional and senatorial members She has even shepherded a federal case before the U.S. Supreme Court. She holds a Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in Business Management from St. Mary’s College, Moraga, California.

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