Steve Austin, Founders Space Instructor

Steve Austin

Steve Austin

Steve Austin is a lead instructor at Founders Space. He has 20 years experience in Silicon Valley high-tech, from from start-ups to large companies. Focus on driving revenue & competitive advantages in biz dev opportunities – domestic and international – for mobile applications, energy and technology.

*Advisor to several start-ups.
* Instructor at Founders Space
* Mentor at Santa Clara University, Frugal Innovation Lab
* Presents “How to Pitch to Investors & How to Go-to-Market for Start-ups” at incubators in Silicon Valley.
* Guest speaker: Stanford University/ intrn’l business, Santa Clara University / engineering, UCSB / chemical engineering.

* Unusual combination of sales with strong tech background; (University: finance & chemistry). As top sales rep in German company was promoted to run the US factory making $million computer chip mft equipt. Managed software, engineering & process control. Developed $M+ products for Intel, Seagate, IBM, TSMC & others.

Current projects:
* Created a mobile apps for m2m & consumer product
* Consulting on mobile apps biz opportunities for start ups.
* Strategic partnerships – US & International
* Project on global growth next 25 years
* C-level mgt for sales and operations
* Managed teams up to ~100 staffers plus contractors.
* Successful strategy and selling $ multi-million complex sales to major corporations

* Create biz plans & strategy; raise $ from investors & corp. partners.
* Recruit talent from C-level down
* Won $20M+ contract for US military
* Won Decartes Award for best new smart card product.

Previous roles:
* Co-founder, VP Sales & Operations –
* Founder, CEO, Temp staffing billing software
* GM, EVP – Semiconductor Equipt; global operations
* Sales Mgr

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