Free .TECH domains for startups in the Founders Space community

Founders Space members, alumni and mentors can now get a special deal on .TECH domains

Coupon Code: TECHFOUNDER (For standard .TECH domain names)

Description: The .techSquad from Radix would love to offer Founders Space startups the below

Perks: FREE standard .TECH domain names for the Founders Space

Special access and discounts (upto 100%) on premium (high-valued) .TECH domain names based on usage

Deserving startups on .TECH domains will get sponsored PR and promotional support on high-impact platforms such as Techcrunch, The Next Web and also events such as Techcrunch, Websummit, SXSW etc.

In order to avail the offer, startups from the community will need to fill the form

Following this, the .techSquad will respond with an unique coupon code through which startups can avail the standard .TECH names on the website as applicable.

These privileges are available only for domain names that are priced over $250/year and cannot be availed using the coupon code TECHFOUNDER

To know more on how to avail these benefits get in touch with us: techsquad[at] or suman[at]

The Beginning

August 2015 saw the much awaited launch of .TECH domains, the defining extension for the global tech community.

This new domain extension is being pioneered by influential names in the technology industry, from Carl Pei- the co-founder of the popular phone brand OnePlus, to the Websummit Conference, from Misfit Wearables to The Next Web. .TECH is being endorsed and promoted by more than 50 influential technologists from around the world.

Among other early adopters of .tech domains are influential experts featured in a list of Top 30 Power Players in Tech – Linus Sebastian, Austin Evans & Jonathan Morrison, who plan to use domains,, and respectively. Each of them have over a million subscribers on their YouTube Channels.If you haven’t got your own .TECH domain name yet, here’s why you absolutely must!

It’s What All Tech Startups Need!

Here’s a dilemma most startup founders face. Whist starting up, choosing a memorable, meaningful and affordable name for your company is a dreadful task! But,the new domain namespace makes it easy to choose simple as well as, names that are your first choice! Moreover, .TECH helps categorize your website and product as tech-related.

.TECH also lends credibility to your website and a direct association with the tech industry, something that is extremely difficult to establish from websites on generic domain extensions.

.TECH- Powering Startups The World Over!

The startup Trans*Code has secured to help the transgender community learn coding.Y-Combinator Alumni Ela Madej and Seth Bannon have developed their website – a website that recognizes the impact that startups have on the lives of people.TECH waived off the premium fee on high value premium names to helped these startups in acquiring a great domain to launch their Big companies are not behind, the Viacom 18 media group has started using as the primary domain for all things tech! So you see? .TECH is for everyone! Tech Startups, bloggers, established companies and anyone else who loves technology.

.TECH Is Going Places and is here to stay..

The .techSquad first unveiled the .TECH domain extension at Collision 2015 in Vegas, and they’re leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the tech audience everywhere, is aware of it. At RISE 2015 in Hong Kong, .TECH got several startups to pre-register their domain names and generated a good bit of interest amongst the other attendees too. The .TECH team will be at TechCrunch Disrupt- San Francisco next and then at WebSummit in Dublin!

.TECH is the most definitive domain extension for the tech community and with the powerful start that it’s run has had, we’re confident that those seeking meaningful domain names will get on a .TECH to give them that added credibility.

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