Steve Hoffman

Steve Hoffman

Awair from Bitfinder is a beautiful product. It came out of R/GA, a renowned New York design firm, for whom I worked long ago.

Awair is meant to test the air quality in your home or office. Unlike many IoT devices, this one looks hip — not geeky. And it’s beauty isn’t just skin deep. That’s why Bitfinder is being featured as our product of the month.

It took just minutes to set up. It uses sensors to detect humidity, carbon dioxide, temperature, fine dust particles and volatile organic compounds in the air. Via wi-fi, the information is transferred from the device to your phone.

The app is as gorgeous and simple as the product. It displays all the information for you on your phone in real-time.

When I tested it in my home, it detected significant humidity, carbon dioxide, fine dust particles and volatile organic compounds. It gave my bedroom air quality a 72 out of 100, which is just okay.

I have to admit. I was a bit skeptical. Is this really my air quality? How would I know if it were just making these numbers up. It could say anything.

The next day, I had an idea. I’d open all the windows in my house and see how it affected the air quality. After 20 minutes, my rating went up from 72 to 97. Not quite 100, but darn close!

This test proved to me that it actually does work as advertised. I’m now a believer, and I highly recommend you get Awair if you want to test your air quality. It also provides useful advice on improving the quality of your air to reduce allergens.

Now I’m going to bring it to Founders Space to test the air quality there!