ExtremeMac Tango Air will Rock Your iPhone & iPad

Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

by Naomi Kokubo, Cofounder of Founders Space

In our iPhone 5 upgrade frenzy, we wanted something to show off at parties, besides the iPhone itself. Low and behold, the XtremeMac™ Tango™ Air, a party making machine. It’s a jewel — beautifully designed and wonderfully powerful.

The XtremeMac features five active drivers and one passive radiator for ear-pounding sound quality in a relatively compact-sized box. I can’t express how much we love the box itself, with its piano gloss finish and satin plated buttons. Those are the touches that make this a true sibling to any Apple product.

Now let’s discuss portability. This is a box you can take with you to parties in the backyard, over to a friend’s houses, or when you travel. No need to settle for the iPhone’s diminutive speakers when you can enjoy blasting your tunes far and wide without distortion.

XtremeMac’s flexible design maintains its audio integrity whether the speaker is positioned vertically or horizontally — a good feature that other boxes lack. It also offers built-in AirPlay technology. The simple plug & pull setup works with iOS 5.0 or greater. This makes it a no brainer to access your entire music library through your wireless network.

Another nice thing is that the XtremeMac works with pretty much everything, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbooks, etc.   And if you use the AUX input, you can even use it with an Android and Windows PC.   For $299, this is a wonderful product.  It’s really all most people need when it comes to music at home or a party.

Feature Overview:

  • Premium sound configuration includes two tweeters, two full range drivers, one subwoofer and one passive radiator
  • Rear USB slot charges your iPod®, iPhone® and iPad®
  • Auxiliary line-in provides flexibility to listen to music on any device that has a headphone jack
  • Works with devices that support iOS 5.0 or greater

NOTE: We received free samples of their products for this review.

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