Geek Gear: Gamecom 780 with Dolby 7.1 by Plantronics

As part of our Geek Gear series, we’re happy to let you know about Gamecom 780. If you’re looking for a headset for both work and pleasure (a.k.a. games), it’s the perfect combo. We tested it out on everything from Skype to World of Warcraft, and this baby is a keeper.

The GameCom 780 has a retro look, a bit bulky, but it’s surprisingly light weight. The nice thing is that it’s not flimsy. We like the high quality construction — the materials are superb. It feels great to put those cups over your ears, like you’re heading off to another world.

Under the hood, the Dolby Headphone and Pro Logic IIx compliment the set’s twin 40mm drivers. With 7.1 surround sound, you’re totally immersed in whatever game you’re playing. This headset isn’t wireless, but I actually prefer it that way. No radiation to the head and no finicky bluetooth to worry about.

The easy pivot microphone contains multiple sound sensors enabling active noise cancellation to your speech applications. This is wonderful if you’re in a noisy office and trying to talk on Skype to your developers overseas. In addition, the body is made with rotating arms that allow the headset to be stored flat for travel or storage. Clearly, Plantronics thought of everything.

If you’re looking for a single headset you can use for work and play, I’d start here.

NOTE: We received free samples of their products for this review.

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