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Lyne Noella

Lyne Noella

by Lyne Noella, Director of Sales and Marketing at Speechpad

If your business — or job — depends on lead generation, you know that quality content is crucial for getting the attention of prospects, the media, partners, talent, and even existing customers via search engine optimization. The challenge is to shed an avalanche of discoverable content over the Internet to get the attention of Google, Yahoo and other search engines. What you may not realize is that you could be sitting on a goldmine. If you are creating videos, webinars, podcasts or recorded communications of any kind, you can create discoverable, organic content with the help of a transcription service for posting and discovery on your Internet sites.

Transcription of your videos and other communications can be accomplished with software as a service companies within 24 hours, efficiently and inexpensively; just download your media, receive the transcription the next day, and post the transcription on your website.

Placing transcriptions on your Internet sites not only helps you increase lead gen/SEO–it can be part of an overall knowledge-sharing campaign targeted to your customers, prospects, the media and others.

If you are not currently creating videos, webinars and other recorded communications, consider the importance of being a knowledge-sharing leader in your community — this raises your currency in the eyes of your customers. Of course, when you position yourself as the leading expert in your field, you catch the attention of top talent, new customers, members of the media, and partners. If you don’t have the energy to produce videos or webinars, ask your best customers to participate in recorded phone calls to create informational case studies and use cases–this is a fast, easy way to start the process. When you share knowledge with the community, electronically and transcribed, it’s a win-win for you and the business community. If you would like to experience enhanced lead gen/SEO via transcription, get a discount from Speechpad on your first use here: https://www.speechpad.com/EasySEO

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