ScreenFlow is simply the best screen recording software for Mac. It’s also a fantastic video editing suite. We’ve been using it for years, and it just keeps getting better and better.

The thing we love about ScreenFlow is that it’s so simple to use. It’s much easier and more intuitive than Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Version 7 just came out, and here are some of the amazing new features:

• Smooth and seamless editing of MP4 video files in the timeline.

• Toggle between 30 and 60 frames per second in the editing timeline.

• Choose from a handful of built in animation effects for all your text boxes.

• Flip your video clips in the timeline to play them in reverse.

• Set up hotkeys for all of your most used actions to personalize your experience.

• Using a new new MacBook Pro? Take advantage of the new controls on the OLED touch bar.

• Multiple new export options for complete control over video quality, size and export time.

• Export to and and other services.

• Simpler and more straight forward export options optimized for time or file size.

• UI support for Apple Audio Units (AUBandpass e.g.) and compatible audio filters.

• When using an audio interface, customize our audio mix once, and save it for every project.

• New progress meter for rendering audio waveforms keeps you informed on the work being done behind the scenes.

• Adjust the intensity of motion blur on export. Especially useful for the new text animations.