Weedle is an interesting site for entrepreneurs.  In addition to a fun name, it’s a good place to find people to help work on your startup.

What is Weedle?
Weedle enables a better way for you to:

– Connect with people who need your skill and;
– To find people who have the skills you need.

Who can use Weedle?
Anyone, anywhere can use Weedle. Whatever your skill, talent or expertise. Whether your skill is your full time occupation, a new part time interest, your passion or your past time. Whatever your background, qualifications, no matter where you are in the world, we invite you to join Weedle and discover a simple and easy way connect with people who need your skill and to find people who have the skills you need.

Weedle is a technology based entrepreneurial company. We’ve just launched the Weedle platform in “Beta”, meaning we think its good, but could be a lot better with your feedback and feedback from all the Weedle Community. For the next couple of weeks we’ll be working hard to take this feedback, update the platform and make it better every day.

Weedle leverages Social Media and Semantic technology. Combining these with Weedle’s own search and social graph algorithm, Weedle aims to deliver a uniquely effective experience for our community of users, instantly and accurately connecting people with skills to those that need them, within a trusted environment.

Check out http://www.weedle.com

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  1. Thanks for the mention guys. We would love to hear any feedback from your community here. It is early days for us but we are really taken aback by the level of interest in our service.

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