Howard Hartenbaum of August Capital

Howard Hartenbaum

Howard Hartenbaum

Howard Hartenbaum joined August Capital in 2008. Prior to joining, he served as a General Partner at Draper Richards LP where he was the founding investor in Skype and a former member of the board of directors where his achievement resulted in his joining the Forbes Midas List of top venture capitalists.

Before entering the venture capital field, Howard was at Hughes Electronics, where he was responsible for supporting business development, marketing and sales of satellite, information security and automotive technologies developed by HRL Laboratories. He also worked in engineering positions in ergonomics and user experience at Honda Motor Company and manufacturing at Teledyne Relays.

Howard has worked overseas for a total of ten years in Luxembourg and Japan. He is a graduate of M.I.T.

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  2. Joey Dansworth says:

    Just got to August Capital’s website. Howard’s email address is next to his bio:

  3. Jose Monet says:

    Hi Howard

    How can someone connect with you to submit a project for review?

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