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John Giddings is the co-founder of The Silicon Valley Angels (now Tech Angel Group), which focuses on high tech seed stage opportunities and Clean Tech issues.

He also is Principal of Clean Tech Integration, a consulting practice specializing in technology, business plan and funding services for clean tech start-ups, due diligence projects for venture capitalists, and analysis on the clean tech industry for Wall Street. John recently joined the adjunct Faculty of Santa Clara University’s Graduate School of Engineering as a professor of entrepreneurship.

John is on the Board of Directors for HBSTech, and the Industry Advisory Board for the Santa Clara University School of Engineering. He is also editor of The Solar Evangelist Blog, offering insight, commentary and advice for the new solar industry toward delivering on the promise of Gold from the Blue Sky. His home is in Los Gatos, California and this summer he climbed Mt. Fuji–for work.

Comments & Advice:
  1. Anietie says:

    I have developed a new business idea on information and communication Technology that can create thousands of jobs across the world,i would like to send the BPfor your perusal and consideration.
    Hoping to get a favourable response from you soon.


  2. Qiao Xiao Hong says:

    Subject: Looking for investors to invest my 2 invented wery profitable

    Hello, respectable investors web

    I invented 2 projects (2 new products). They are:

    Project 1: Travel Table (or Handcart) by Qiao Style
    Project 2: Meeting Table & Dining Table by Qiao Style
    (It is a four-piece multi-functional combination furniture.)

    I am the inventor and owner and entrepreneur of the 2 projects.

    $3 million fund or more is needed for me to start up the 2 projects.

    The 2 projects can greatly improve people’s life quality, let life is
    full of joy. They are beneficial to the people. Very interesting. Not
    only stylish, but also practical. They are 2 welcome new products.

    They are 2 very profitable projects. I hope to get your help to find
    venture capital investors to invest their funds to the 2 projects
    according to the way that I hope. I have ambitious plans to produce
    the 2 new products and sell them all over the world. Could you help
    me to seek such investors and their funds? If yes, I will very and
    very appreciate.

    But, I am short of money. So, excause me. I cannot pay you any fee
    in advance. You may adopt a flexible way. You would better to ask
    the investors to pay you the reasonable reward when they will have
    invested to me.

    Cooperation way: To invest directly, and is not a loan. The investors
    first invest and then they buy products. Through price difference
    between the buying price (our sale price) and the sale prices in their
    countries and other countries and districts, the investors make money.

    In other words, the investors first give me the funds, I utilize the
    funds to start up the 2 projects. After we will have finished the 2
    projects (2 new products), we can supply samples and formal products.
    Then, the investors (they would better to cooperate to with some big
    distributors, by their sale canals) buy the new products from us. We
    sale and export the products. The investors as importers to place
    purchasing orders to us. After that, they sale the new products to
    anywhere (their country local) and other countries. Through price
    dirrerence between buying and sales, the investots make money, great
    profits and continuously.

    I think this investment (to my 2 invented projects) is low-middle
    risk, high return. Investors may read my 6 PDF files carefully.

    The investment return will be in 1-2 years. After that, the investors
    will gain money more and more.

    Please see the attached 6 PDF files, in which describe
    the 2 projects and relevant information.

    Best regards.


    Qiao Xiao Hong (or: Mr. Qiao)

    205 Room, No.8 Building, Daoxiangyuan, Wanquanhe Road,
    Haidian District, Beijing, 100080, China
    Telephone: 0086-10-62862302
    Fax: 0086-10-62868779
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  3. Hello John, this is a shot in the dark. I recently created a pre-health app for students. I believe that you are the right person for me to take my app to the next level. If I could get two minutes of your time, no matter what time of the day I would be astatic. I’m very open minded and ready to take this start-up on with some potential guidance from you.
    [email protected]

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