Consistently Play At The Top of Your Game

Raj Gavurla

Raj Gavurla

by Raj Gavurla of LiiiVEN, Inc.

It’s not rocket science.  Customers and buyers want to do business with your organization because they know what is agreed upon will be delivered on time.  Recently, I worked with a company and they had a hard time telling me a delivery date.  The reason was because they didn’t know when their supplier would complete their part.  They didn’t say they would check with the supplier and get back to me with a delivery date.  Obviously, they’re not motivated.

Imagine you went to the store to order a refrigerator and the store told you they don’t know when it can be delivered.  You wouldn’t buy it because you need to know when it will be delivered.  Fortunately, there’s another place you can buy it from.

Don’t do business with someone who cannot give you delivery and a delivery date.  Sure, I like working with entrepreneurial companies because they have innovative services and products.  Some of them are looking for their first client some have hundreds or thousands.  That’s okay.  Even a Fortune 500 company like all companies needed to win a first client before winning hundreds or thousands.

Therefore, here are three questions that need to be answered.

  1. Do they have something valuable?  Yes, I pay people for their work unless it’s a promotional giveaway.  Also, when I work I expect to be paid.  That’s great business.  We have bills to pay, family to feed, and life to live.  It costs money.  You’ll garner a better business relationship.  A well timed investment gets you to the next level.
  2. Are they motivated?  Lots of people say they don’t need motivation.  Really?  That’s the main reason the economy is down and if you look at a successful organization or person they keep feeding and investing in their motivation.  How to motivate is one of the most misunderstood concepts.  That’s why you need a professional to do it.  Sure, you have the ability to do a portion of it and you should, however, there’s a time when a professional is needed.  It’s worth the investment so your clients and buyers can easily see you’re motivated.
  3. Can they address your situation and give you a reasonable delivery date and deliver on time?

If a customer or buyer believes your business can successfully answer these questions, you have a really good shot at winning the business.  If you don’t get a piece of business, you’re in a better position to get a client.  When you do have a client account, deliver and grow the business relationship and your clients will tell others because they appreciate your good work.  It’s not rocket science.  Consistently play at the top of your game.

Raj works with organizations that want more productivity and profitability by improving their mindset, mood, and motivation. He is the author of Winning at Entrepreneurship. Contact him at 404.918.7366, [email protected] or visit for more information.

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