Do you really need virus protection on Macs?


My startup just switched over to Macs from PCs.  Do you really need virus protection on the Mac?  Is this a worthy investment?  I’ve heard Macs don’t need virus protection.


Most people don’t bother, but I’d recommend it. If you’re an entrepreneur, you just can’t afford to take chances. Also, if you use ETrade, Schwab or other financial or brokerage services, they may have buried in their terms & conditions something about you being required to have virus protection or else they aren’t responsible if someone hacks into your account. This is really the reason I started using virus protection software on my Macs.

People will disagree with me, but I suggest you take the “rather safe than sorry” approach and get some protection. I chose iAntiVirus because it’s free and it works like a charm.

Go see iAntiVirus

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