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Jimmy Hsu, Co-founder of Flexwave (Taiwan)

Jimmy150In the journey of startup, it is rare to have everything well-prepared in the beginning, so everyone learned how to do during the process. The thing is how to learn it efficiently and effectively.

Founders Space is a right place to go for a startup seeking for the missed pieces in their business. Such as a reasonable business model, how to pitch to VC, growth hacking, business development, etc. No matter you are doing hardware or software, you can always find your answer here.

Art Amador, Co-founder & COO of EquBot (USA)

Art150v2Our team was honored to be part of such an exceptional program. Additionally, it was a humbling experience to be surrounded by some of the world’s top startups, and it was this diversity that helped make the program so special.

The two-week intensive program challenged us on multiple fronts. So much so, that we dismantled every aspect of the business. This allowed us to re-build a solid foundation and an even stronger company. My partner and I now have the tools and know how to execute on our business plan. I would highly recommend the program to any entrepreneur.

Kwon Sit, Founder & CEO of COMIVO (USA)

Kwon150Founders Space program is very useful for entrepreneurs who want to be a success.

You can learn how to build successful business model, how to tell your story, and how to communicate with your customers.

All the instructors are real entrepreneurs and they know what customers think about your products, service and what investors want.

I would like to say the program is awesome and you can learn a lot from it!

Philipp Lechner, Founder & CEO of BACKBONE Electronics (Austria)

Philipbackbone150I had an incredible time at Founders Space, I have never learned so much in such a short time – not even close.

Everything, from Naomi telling me to create an ecosystem and not to “only sell boxes”, to Steve kicking our a**** in relation pitch, to the quality of mentors giving priceless advice from all kinds of directions, was incredibly helpful !!!

I am starting to understand the Silicon Valley culture and format and will now be ready to start implementing all that into our US approach…

David Chang, CEO of P-microbiome / Zymolo (Taiwan / USA)

DavidChang150Joining Founders Space was a great experience both personally and for business. During the two weeks intensive program, we are not just learning how to polish the PPT but really changing our perspective of our business.

All the mentors and instructors share valuable advices and experiences according to their expertise. It’s helping us to address the U.S. and global market.

David Dubbs, Founder & CEO of MyDigitalHealth Network (USA)

DavidDubbs150The Founders Space program was extremely valuable.

Instructors/mentors were great; the training was worthwhile; the energy of the FS team was very high; and the exposure to angel investors was productive.

Kudos to Captain Hoff, Naomi, and Steve Austin.

DH Kim, Co-founder & CEO of ROBORUS (Korea)

Roborus150I am a very lucky man who could participate in the intensive Founders Space’s program @ San Francisco twice.

My big mentors, Captain Hoff and Sergeant Austin, again changed me a lot in the two weeks and made my pitching more attractive and convincing.

Their mentoring with sincere attitude and professionalism based on perfect understanding of ROBORUS’ tech and biz, really propelled me toward investors with great confidence and enthusiasm.

Dane Madsen, Serial Entrepreneur (USA)

Dane150I’ve been involved with 21 startups either as Founder, Co-Founder, CEO, Director, angel, or venture investor; in many of those 21, I filled several roles. And with my 21st startup, I attended Founders Space.

My attraction to Founders Space was the non-nonsense approach. This is not about spending months in a flexible environment hoping you adsorb some skills. It is an intense process preparing you for the real world of not only getting your investor pitch right, but being able to think different about your business, its application, and you as an entrepreneur.

Ryan Choi, CEO & Founder of Chowis (Korea)

Ryan150Being a part of Founders Space program was a great opportunity for us to have new perspectives on business operations with tremendous energy. I would highly recommend joining the program in the early stage of your business so that the CEO and the founders can maximize the benefits of the program by immediately applying knowledge and know-hows from the experienced mentors with various professional backgrounds. It is the best to encapsulate the essence of start-up business in such a short time!

Yongsun Na, CEO of (Korea)

Yongsun150We find global accelerator because we are startup providing Global B2B e-marketplace for automotive industry.
Exactly, Founders Space is the only one excellent accelerator for overseas startups.

1. We joined Founders Space’s Online Program for a month in Korea before coming to San Francisco. We could prepare for Founders Space’s programs, such as pitch deck, sales marketing, business plans ahead of visiting.

2. We could meet excellent mentors/advisors during mentor day (one on one). I appreciated mentors and advisors meeting us.

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