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Vineeth Veetil, Founder & CEO of DeepView.AI (USA)

veetil150Being accepted into the prestigious Founders Space as one among 10-12 startups globally was a true honor for us. It turned out to be a superb experience overall, in terms of focusing on the right aspects of the business and staying lean. I would recommend the program to any startup that wants to take their game to the next level.

Mayasari Lim & Prashanth Asuri, Cofounders of SE3D (USA)

Maya150The Founder Space program is an outstanding resource for first time founders like us. The program helps cultivate a variety of skills critical for every startup, including developing the right product-market-fit and business model as well as delivering a compelling elevator and 3 minute pitch. Although the two-weeks fly by in a daze of myriad video lectures, mentor sessions, and speakers, knowledge gained from the program will guide our business for years to come.

Kos Lin, Cofounder of Theia (Taiwan)

Kos150Thanks for TIEC helping Theia to Founders Space Program. TIEC is the accelerator that bridges Taiwan Startups and the US market. Thanks for Founders Space, we learned a lot from the very intense 2-week program.

Henry Chang, Founder & CEO of Fufilo (Taiwan)

henry150Joining Founders Space was an invaluable experience for me. Not only did I learn a lot from the many resource materials and lessons, I was also immediately immersed in the local network of mentors and professionals in Silicon Valley. They have many years experience in the startup world. Everybody was eager to help and share their own knowledge and experience. I received more contacts in the intense two weeks program than I could ever normally get in a month!

Kali Ilunga, Founder & CEO of SeeSayDo (USA & South Africa)

Kali150We picked Founders Space because we wanted an incubator that understood what it means to be a global start up from the ground-up. The two weeks helped clarify our sales strategy, our investor pitch and gave us perspective on the Silicon Valley ecosystem. It also put us in a place with energized, hard-working and focused founders from around the world. Finally, the pitch day opened up some doors we are hoping to take advantage of. Thanks to the Founders Space team for the experience!

Cristian Busoi, Cofounder of Justimmo (Austria)

Cristian150Participating at the Founders Space accelerator program was a one in a lifetime experience. Especially coming from overseas, it helped us a lot to learn and understand the business environment in the US.

Captain Hoff and Naomi have compiled a tremendous schedule. The variety of lectures, mentoring by very experienced serial entrepreneurs and information sessions about outsourcing activities during your early start-up phase, was a perfect combination of all you need to know, in order to succeed in Silicon Valley; even more we also received valuable input for our overall strategy and improvement ideas for the European market.

Joseph Sokol, Founder & CEO of OlehPay (USA)

joeyOlehPlay150Thank you Founders Space for a priceless opportunity to get into the inner circles of the Silicon Valley network.

The rigor of top Silicon Valley introductions, classes on business development, fund-raising, and go-to-market strategy, and all finally culminating in a grand pitch event make participating in Founders Space a key milestone for any startup. Founders Space does not offer funding like other accelerators in the valley. Though, its value is made up in the resources Captain Hoff and his team bring to your startup. I enjoyed meeting like minded entrepreneurs at the accelerator and gaining exposure to the newest ideas in tech. I thank the Founder Space team tremendously for a fine program.

Steven Chuang, Co-founder & CEO of Cherri Tech (Taiwan)

Steven CherriTech150First off, we’d like to thank TIEC for connecting Cherri Tech to Founders Space Program. TIEC is the top-tier accelerator that bridges Taiwan-based startups that are planning to expand into the US market.

I’m the CEO of Cherri Tech, Inc. Our product TapPay is an SDK that allows developers to utilize our patented high-frequency sound wave technology for financial transactions that are turnkey and device agnostic. In short, we are the Apple/Android Pay that works across all credit card terminals. Yes, that means your 7-year old smartphone can be used for mobile payments.

Mark Yoo, Co-founder of Landymoss (Korea/USA)

landymoss201610smallFirst of all, I really want to thank Steve Hoffman and Naomi Kokubo. They built up a fantastic place for all the startups, which is filled with enthusiasm and passion.

I really had a great time at Founders Space. Before Founders Space, I experienced other accelerator programs as a mentor and a mentee. My three week experience at Founders Space blew my mind.

Victor Choi, Co-founder & CEO of SPRYFIT (Korea)

victorchoi2016-150My team was very lucky to be a part of Founders Space. During the intensive two weeks program, we have learned how to address the market, how to build strategy and how to communicate with investors.

You actually get a lot of helpful advice not only from Steve Austin, Captain Hoff and Naomi but also from mentors coming from different background.

I highly recommend this program to all the entrepreneurs.

Victor Choi

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