Founders Feedback

Matt Wikerson, Founder & CEO of Paragon One (NY)

MattFounders Space was an impactful and efficient way to get our pitch refined and get in front of investors — particularly with China ties — all within 2 weeks.

We’ve had multiple opportunities that came out of the relationships we formed during the program. For us, Founders Space was attractive because they are reaching deep into China, and that aligns with the distribution strategy of Paragon One.

Matt Wikerson
​Founder & CEO of Paragon One

Alexander Volkov, Cofounder of Zero Email App (USA)

AlexMost amazing and inspirational experience I’ve had since I’ve decided to build my own company. My co-founder and myself both participated in the program. We come from slightly different technical and business backgrounds: me being the first time startup founder, and for him this is the 3-rd company he founded. We found that Founders Space program provides great learning experience and resources for the first time as well for seasoned entrepreneurs.

Peter Chang,​ CMO of m.Lab (Korea​)

PeterFrom the basics of brain storming to perfecting your pitch, Founders Space provides many weapons necessary to any businessmen. Even if you have had the experience of running a company, the mentors and advisers will tear you down and rebuild you on a stronger basis.

After delivering my first pitch in front of investors, I have gained so much confidence that I feel like I can more comfortably pitch again to other audiences.

Isaac Kassin, Co-Founder of Exeq Private Banking (USA)

KassimOn behalf of the entire Exeq team, I would like to thank Steve Hoffman, Steve Austin, and the entire Founders Space for some of the most incredible two weeks in our company’s history.

Beyond the intense and high-quality academic process that provided insight on business development, fundraising, and go-to-market strategy, Founders Space truly provided Exeq’s founders “founder space.” For two weeks, my partners and I escaped the everyday distractions of life and business to incubate, bond on deep levels, brainstorm new and open-minded ideas, and focus on growing the company.

Andy Kohm , Cofounder of VendOp.Com (USA)

AndyI can’t start talking about Founders Space without mentioning their team, Steve Hoffman (Captain Hoff), Naomi Kokubo, Steve Austin and Nathan Schor. They are the core of the accelerator and each one brings real world expertise that is directly applicable to any startup.

Brian Donohue, Founder of [email protected] Inc. (USA)

Brian“Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect,” said one of the most beloved coaches in American history, Vince Lombardi. Well in brief, Founder’s Space is “perfect practice!”

Brian Donohue
Founder of [email protected] Inc.

Alex Nikitin, Founder of (USA)

AlexFounders Space is an accelerator program on steroids!

It was a great experience. Learning from talented mentors and collaborating with extremely bright founders has changed the way I perceived my business, allowing me to position my company for success.

If you want your business to succeed, then Founders Space is a must. Short, on point, and highly valuable.

I can’t thank enough all the mentors and organizers for making this happen, especially Steve Austin!

Alex Nikitin
Founder of

Jen Seregos, Founder of Salus Health (USA)

JenMy business partner and I are embarking on our first startup, and Founders Space gave us absolutely invaluable and comprehensive training.

I feel as though we got an MBA in an intensive yet fun two week program.

I highly suggest Founders Space. You’ll meet other incredible entrepreneurs, advisors, mentors and investors.

Jen Seregos
Founder of Salus Health App

Sabelo Sibanda, CEO of Tuse (South Africa)

Sabelo SibandaBeing selected for the Founders Space Accelerator program made for great excitement and a healthy tinge of fear in the Tuse camp. We were the first South African startup to be a part of the program and were unaware of what to expect. Almost immediately, the warmth of the Founders Space team put us at ease. The video lectures from Captain Hoff, as well as Naomi’s willingness to personally help us navigate a myriad of administrative challenges, instantly made us feel at home.

Matt Ream, Co-Founder of (USA)

Matt ReamThe Founders Space program is an intense, educational experience for startups that could make all the difference between failure and success. The curriculum is comprehensive and timely, and the instructors and mentors are global experts in their own right. I greatly appreciated their lessons and the personal mentoring I received.

They don’t only educate you, they give you real opportunities to pitch to investors and we received several great contacts and leads that are going to make a big difference in our company as we move forward.

Ginny Townsend, Cofounder of (USA)

Ginny TownsendFounders Space was exactly what we needed to jump start ShipRiot. The mentorship and level of expertise they brought to the room, as well as their reputation in the start up community, was all of the highest level. We knew going into the program that everything we’d developed around our business plan, product roadmap, and marketing would all be fair game for critique and reconstruction. And that was definitely the case!

Michael Bruckberger, Founder of MIM.365 (Austria)

Michael BruckbergerFounders Space and it’s program are high-level education for maximum value.

The program was a great experience. Working together with talented mentors day-by-day has changed the way we perceived our business, allowing us to improve and to well define our targets for the near and long term future.

One of the most exciting and intense experience of my life.

So big thanks to the organizers, mentors and especially Captain Hoff for making things happen!

Michael Bruckberger
Founder MIM.365

Trong Dong, CEO of Rakuna (Vietnam & USA)

Trong DongI found Founders Space incredibly helpful for our B2B startup, Rakuna, in many practical ways.

Before joining the program, we were just Minnesota transplants and had no connections to the Bay Area’s network. The program definitely helped us to extend our network and spread our name to potential investors.

We learned from Captain Hoff how to gauge an investor’s interest and how to close the investment opportunity. Right after graduating the program, we were able to put that learning into action by closing a small seed investment.

Umair Ahsan, CEO of Aitomation (Pakistan)

Umair AhsanFounders Space has been an amazing experience with a great deal to learn. It’s a very extensive one-month program, where day in and day out you’ve got to give your best to your own startup, aided by amazing mentors and and their guidance.

It’s an amazing place for various reasons: One of them being that it has startups from all around the world. Not only do you get feedback on what you’re doing, but you can put that against perceptions and visions of people from all across the globe, which really helps you planning how you’re going to do work on your own startup.

Roberto Bustillos, CEO of Outdover (USA)

Roberto BustillosI was a bit skeptical about participating in the Founder Space Program mainly because I thought that a short program will not provide us with the necessary value to take Outdover to the next level; however, Founders Space proved me wrong.

The program was a wake up call for me. Thanks to their mentors and classes, I soon realizad that we were not quite ready to market our product, which eventually pushed me to change my focus on creating value for our customers before raising capital.

Ali Ashkanani, Cofounder of iProperty Network (UK & Kuwait)

Ali AshkananiFounders Space is not just a turning point for our startup, it’s a life changer.

As a startup, we always seek to be lean by applying the minimum viable product strategy. The ultimate goal for us is to grow and be a network of talented team players, who create wealth for our stakeholders in a competitive environment by reacting quickly and cost-effectively to changing markets. Founders Space applies the same strategy and mindset to its incubator and accelerator model.

Yatit Thakker, CEO of Omninox Corp (USA)

YatitFounders Space is a truly international educational experience. It is not just an accelerator. It condenses all of the knowledge required to build a company in today’s GLOBAL era down into one month. Then, provides continued follow-on support for an additional 11 months.

The knowledge and network you gain is not just limited to the current company you start, but is something you take with you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. This way, it maximizes your chances of success in the multiple ventures that you will hopefully be a part of.

Gabe Seo, CTO & Co-founders of HICS Company (KOREA)

Gabe SeoI’m from Korea, and I can tell you that Founders Space’s accelerator program has made my startup, HICS Company, more attractive than before.

Two weeks after completing the program, I’m getting strong interest from potential investors.

Also, Founders Space’s program has helped me not only create a perfect story for introducing our technology to investors, but has also developed my ability to execute on my vision.

David Melichar, Founder of OneSoft Connect (Czech Republic)

David MelicharI am proud that OneSoft Connect was selected and accepted as one of Founders Space’s startups. As a top accelerator, Founders Space carefully chooses its participants. We did not know that Founders Space was in the Top Ten Bay Area Accelerators. That fact has greatly heightened our pride.

Alex Pelin, CEO of Xspaced & StepOne (USA)

Alex PelinWe are all in the startup “business” – to learn, build, ship and scale before it’s too late for the market or we get bored and move on to the next thing.

Founders Space and Captain Hoff get that, and this is why they are a perfect fit for everyone that is looking to get things done fast.

Their team is smart, experienced, connected; and they’re all just a bunch of nice people.