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Winners of Founders Space Pitch Day

Here are the winners of Founders Space’s Pitch Day:

1) VanGoux is a browser based UI design editor that automatically generates frontend code from UI designs. https://vangoux.com/

2) Andaman7 makes it easy to manage your health data. You are in control. No health data in the cloud. https://www.andaman7.com

3) Delivery Zone is the ultimate platform for restaurants and retail stores. https://deliveryzone.net/

4) Paul Hardt makes exceptionally high-quality footwear for professionals who work on their feet. https://paulhardt.com/

China blitz! Back to Asia…

China blitz! I’m heading back. We’re opening Founders Space in Xi’an.

But first I’ll be collaborating with Huawei in Shenzhen, then speaking at the VC Conference.

Then I’ll fly to Xi’an to officially open Founders Space and collaborate with Xidian University. After that, I fly to Hefei to sign a deal with the Mayor.

Next, I fly to Beijing to collaborate with Wanda Group. Then I’m off to Hangzhou for the 2050 Conference.

Winners: Super Startups Pitch at Founders Space

We had a fantastic group of startups at Founders Space this week.

The winners were:

  • Ditto, a SaaS-based syncing platform
  • MeetCareerGivers, a marketplace for caregivers and seniors
  • Blumio, a heart-rate monitoring system
  • AnCatt, a nanotech corrosion-free paint producer

We also enjoyed the other pitches.

Travel Tips: Coughing on Planes

Getting seated on a plane is like a lottery. You just wait to see what ticket you’re handed. I recently returned from China, and on a 10-hour flight, I happened to be seated next to someone coughing.

He didn’t just cough once. He kept coughing, over and over. Some were normal coughs, but others were exceptionally loud, and then he’d clear his throat, spitting gobs of phlegm into a growing mound of tissues on his tray table.

Winners of Founders Space Pitch Day in Beijing

Here are the winners from our MIC Founders Space Startup Program in Beijing!


Peggy Jiyu Li
[email protected]

Huajie Genes
Guodong Liu
[email protected]

I Want Testing
Haixia Tang & Leisheng Zhou
[email protected]


Wendy Xiaofang Hu
[email protected]

Clean Doctor
Wanqiang Li
[email protected]

Jianwei Fan & Harry He Lu
[email protected]

Nano Painting
Xianyun Wang
[email protected]

BeFastTV: Talented Online Media and Video Production Team

BeFast.TV is an Online Media and Video Production house with the offices in Hong Kong and San Francisco. The BeFast.TV’s focus is Emerging Tech Companies and People behind them. Giving a voice for startup founders and tell their stories through video is the company’s main mission!

Video is a K-I-N-G ! You want you to look more professional and sexier when you have Visuals, Images and Videos! Your brand will get this elevated shine and look!

Axiom Business Book Awards Winners 2018

Make Elephants Fly won the Axiom Business Book Awards!

Make Elephants Fly - Cover Founders
Book Overview

Make Elephants Fly reveals the process of radical innovation. Drawing on case studies from the most innovative startups in Silicon Valley, this step-by-step guide shows you how to develop, validate and launch your next huge idea.

Why It’s Important

Best Incubators & Accelerators in San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley

The San Francisco Business Times just ranked the top incubators and accelerators in the San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley. Founders Space was ranked #2.

Create Your Now Podcast with Captain Hoff

Listen to the Create Your Now podcast with Kristianne Wargo and Captain Hoff.

There are over 1,000 episodes on everything from startups and innovation to personal fulfillment.

Check it out!

2Questions.TV just launched on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeartRadio & TuneIn

Great news for all you entrepreneurs looking to learn something. 2Questions.TV just launched on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeartRadio & TuneIn. Check it out! Links to the show are below:


Google Play




The StartUp to ScaleUp Game Plan

Captain Hoff just appeared on the podcast The StartUp to ScaleUp Game Plan. Listen and learn how to scale-up your venture through innovation!

Stacking Growth Summit III

Join us at Stacking Growth Summit III. The purpose of the event is to bring the top growth marketers in the industry to speak and share their insights.

The main focus is to extract tactical information from some of the best in the industry. It’s a no BS type of conference that will have you walking away with growth tactics that you can use for your own endeavor.

SFBayTV Interview: Finding Good Startups

Innovate or Die is the Message!

Tune into Larry Rifkin’s American Trends, and listen to “Innovate or Die is the Message!

It’s a painful reality but we have seen corporate behemoths taken down by upstarts because they failed to focus on the changes in society and stuck to their outdated processes, often because they had so much invested in them. (Read: Kodak Is it enough to be nimble and quick? No. Is it enough to have the best technology? No. So how do you align for success in this era of exaggerated change?

Our Partner, SOMAcentral, Just Opened a New Co-Working Space in San Francisco

Our partner, SOMAcentral, has a new space at Sacramento & Battery in the heart of San Fracnisco’s Financial District

The new location is at 353 Sacramento Street, right across from Embarcadero 1. They have the entire 18th floor, so it’s got fantastic views! This is a clean, bright, fresh new space. Check out the pictures in the link below to see for yourself:


Trends Set to Dominate CES

As the CEO of Founders Space and author Make Elephants Fly, I’m used to working with startups from all over the world. Many of these are now preparing to come to CES to show off their latest achievements and launch their products.

These are the trends that will dominate CES this year:

– Everything is getting smarter. This is the year AI eats CES. AI is everywhere, from smart refrigerators to personal robots and intelligent security systems.

Birdnest Wins the Founders Space Pitch Competition

Birdnest is one of the winners of the Founders Space Pitch Competition. Over 30 startups pitched at Founders Space, and only 3 startups won!

Birdnest transforms unique restaurants into beautiful co-working spaces during the day. Their mission is to make going to work as affordable and flexible as going to Starbucks.

Contact: [email protected]

Teller Wins Founders Space Pitch Competition

Finterest, Inc. is the creator of teller, which was one of the winners of the Founders Space Pitch Competition. Over 30 startups pitched at Founders Space, and only 3 startups won!

There are 78M hourly wage workers in the US living with 100% income volatility, their employers suffer from 70% attrition rate on average. teller is a mobile first solution born at the intersection of these two problems, that reduces attrition of hourly wage workers and increases financial stability by allowing employers to provide daily cash incentives for behaviors that matter to their bottom line.

Makerpro Molds Wins Founders Space Pitch Competition

Makerpro Molds was one of the winners of the Founders Space Pitch Competition. Over 30 startups pitched at Founders Space, and only 3 startups won!

Makerpro Molds is an online distributed manufacturing platform for hardware companies seeking injection molding. Customers submit a 3D part file along with project requirements to their platform to receive quotes from highly vetted manufactures based on the specified requirements. The customer then proceeds to pick the best manufacturer according to price and/or manufacturing scenario.

7 Great Startups from Founders Space

7 great startups just graduated Founders Space:

1) GemFactory created a toy that teaches parents how to communicate with their kids. Their first product grossed US$70 million in Korea. They are now launching their new product, Cody Box, in the US. Contact [email protected]

2) Boltzman – accurate range prediction and energy management for electric and autonomous vehicles. Contact [email protected]

3) FitSole reduces injuries for runners with a smart shoe insole that senses pressure in the foot and recommends changes in exercise routines and running techniques. Contact [email protected]