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Emrah Gultekin, Co-founder & CEO of Chooch Intelligence Technologies (USA)

Emrah150x150The honest, critical mentoring and feedback we received at Founders Space accelerated our company by months, if not years. We were able to modify our story so we found the best product-market-fit for our technology. There are many components that go into making a start-up successful, and Founders Space helps you cultivate all of them. These include, the problem you are addressing, the solution, the benefits, the market, business model and finally the team.

Winston Kuit, Co-founder of Virtual Fantasy League (Canada)

winston150x150The 2-week experience at Founders Space was worth its cost in spades. The knowledge we gained from the teachers and mentors truly accelerated our start-up, I believe, at least a year in terms of finding clarity and focused direction, that we simply could not find here in Canada.

They say Canadians are nice, but I think Silicon Valley-ers are super friendly eh! The contacts we met and were connected to were extremely helpful and open. Definitely would recommend any foreign Start-Ups to join Founders Space.

Alessio Mauro, Co-founder & CEO of neoEYED (Italy)

Alessio150x150Forget about 3-months accelerators. Founders Space gives you in 2 weeks more than any other. This program prepares you for the real startup life so that you’ll understand exactly how the things work in the Silicon Valley. It was an exhausting, stressful and intense adventure, but I don’t regret anything.

Alessio Mauro
Co-founder & CEO of neoEYED

Masaaki Hatano, Founder & CEO of Sanptique (Japan)

Hatano150x150First of all, I would like to personally thank Steven Hoffman, Naomi Kokubo, and Steve Austin for the great program and amazing arrangement at Founders Space.

I know Steven Hoffman since 2013 even before he started Founders Space and remember him telling me about his plan and showing me the space when it was still empty. Since then the time passed. I quit my job in VC business and decided to build my own startup.

Ethan Lee, CTO of Enumnet (Korea)

Ethan_Lee_150x150This program was the best turning point in our view of our business. The concrete teachings and the eye-opening feedback were definitely helpful. All the lectures helped our pitch to improve and become understandable to VCs. I feel this is critical for every startup company because you need to raise the money for your next steps!

This program transformed me from a function-oriented engineer into a real developer, who understands our customers and can help them go their right way.

Danny Hong, Co-founder of Flux Planet (Korea)

DannyFounders Space and its 2 week program was intense and helpful. As a company that seeks to establish our business in the US market, Founders Space provided an accelerating program that perfectly fit our needs and gave me a lot of confidence in expanding our business to the global market.

EJ Burrows, Cofounder of Skymatics (Canada)

EJThe Founders Space accelerator + incubator was an awesome experience that is definitely a must-do for any startup ready to dive into the world of Silicon Valley funding. Unlike many longer accelerators, the short and intense Founders Space program is perfect for entrepreneurs from outside the Valley who are looking to get the most value for their time and money.

Byron Hsu, Cofounder of Paragon One (USA)

ByronFounders Space was a great experience that I would definitely recommend.

The teachers were awesome, and they all provided unique perspectives that were really valuable. We learned how to really clarify our pitch, think about the psychological aspects of marketing, get product feedback, and a lot more.

The two weeks were jam packed. The other peer companies were first rate and all great to work with. In addition, Founders ​S​pace is committed to our company’s success and they are continuing to invite us to relevant events and to use their office space in China moving forward.

Aaron Ledbetter, Founder of LendFu (USA)

AaronTwo weeks of focus. Most startup founder​s​ live in a world full of distractions, ​and ​this is the most productive break from those distractions that I could envision.

This is a great experience for both new founders and those that have been through the grind before. ​Founders Space cover​s​ everything from go-to-market strategy and cap tables to using cognitive science to tune your marketing content.

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