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Geek Gear: Gamecom 780 with Dolby 7.1 by Plantronics

As part of our Geek Gear series, we’re happy to let you know about Gamecom 780. If you’re looking for a headset for both work and pleasure (a.k.a. games), it’s the perfect combo. We tested it out on everything from Skype to World of Warcraft, and this baby is a keeper.

The GameCom 780 has a retro look, a bit bulky, but it’s surprisingly light weight. The nice thing is that it’s not flimsy. We like the high quality construction — the materials are superb. It feels great to put those cups over your ears, like you’re heading off to another world.

Need the Perfect Earphones for that Next Flight?

Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

by Naomi Kokubo, Cofounder of Founders Space

Founders are always travelling, and the worst part about travelling is flying.  I’ve been searching for the perfect earphones to take with me on trips.

I hate hearing the airplane rumble.  I can’t watch movies or listen to music or catch nap with that noise, unless I crank up the volume on my iPhone and that surely isn’t good for my eardrums.  Thus, I went searching for the ideal pair of travel earphones.

ExtremeMac Tango Air will Rock Your iPhone & iPad

Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

by Naomi Kokubo, Cofounder of Founders Space

In our iPhone 5 upgrade frenzy, we wanted something to show off at parties, besides the iPhone itself. Low and behold, the XtremeMac™ Tango™ Air, a party making machine. It’s a jewel — beautifully designed and wonderfully powerful.

The XtremeMac features five active drivers and one passive radiator for ear-pounding sound quality in a relatively compact-sized box. I can’t express how much we love the box itself, with its piano gloss finish and satin plated buttons. Those are the touches that make this a true sibling to any Apple product.

Magic Members Makes it Easy to Add Memberships to Any WordPress Site

Magic Members is a fantastic solution for turning your WordPress blog into a full-fledged membership site.

We installed Magic Members in just 6 steps. If you’ve ever installed a WordPress plugin, you shouldn’t have any trouble with this.

After installation, you can get started customizing Magic Members. With a few clicks, you’re able to set different membership billing options, including an unlimited number of subscriptions. You can also specify whether to charge daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Magic Members gives you complete control over how your members pay for their subscriptions. For example, a ‘Standard’ membership may pay monthly, while a ‘Premium’ membership might pay annually.

Geek Gear: Lucky Bums Music Strap

Lucky Bums Music Strap

Lucky Bums Music Strap

As part of our Geek Gear series, we’re shining the spotlight on new gadgets and accouterments that any geeky founder would die for!

This week, we want to tell you about the Music Strap from Lucky Bums.  It’s wonderful.  When riding your bike to work, you aren’t allowed to have headphones on.  It’s actually illegal.  But you can use these speakers on your backpack.  Just plug them into your iPhone or iPod and away you go.   You can hear everything from  your favorite bands to audio books (only true geeks bike to audio books).

Every Startup Founders’ Sweet Dream: BackJoy’s Pillow & Chair

I’m always looking for ways to both sleep better and sit better. I’m not a good sleeper, and I slouch.

That’s why when I saw BackJoy at a recent startup event, I jumped on it. They’re a startup themselves, and they’ve got two pretty cool products.

First I’ll start with their SitSmart seat that you can use with any chair. It’s surprisingly comfortable. And it’s supposed to help improve your posture and lessen back strain. I’ve had back issues, so I’m always looking for innovative solutions. I found that SitSmart works best on hard chairs. If the chair is too soft, it doesn’t work quite as well.

WishList Member Transforms Your WordPress Blog into a Paying Membership Site

WishList Member is pretty amazing.  It transforms your WordPress blog into a full-blown membership site, allowing you to create free, trial and paid membership levels — or any combination of the three.

We were impressed from the start. WishList Member is a snap to install. Just download a typical WordPress plugin and follow the instructions on their site. Within minutes, you’ll be able to start customizing your memberships. You can create “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum”, or any other “levels” you want. Then you can charge more for higher levels of access – all within the same blog.

Running Out of Juice? Check out ibattz Removable Battery Cases

Everyone I know with an iPhone is constantly complaining about running out of juice. I’m no exception. I finally threw in the towel and decided to get a removable battery case, so I can extend the life of my phone.

I read a number of online reviews, and the ibattz Mojo REFUEL and REFUEL ARMOR Removable Battery Cases came highly recommend, so I thought I’d start with them. I’m happy to say that they lived up to my expectations. The design is solid, and the battery case is light and slim. Taking the case on and off is a breeze. ibattz also improved Mojo’s battery, replacing last year’s 1700mAh replaceable batteries with 2200mAh batteries.

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